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Let Your Supporters’ Travel Raise Money 

If you have members or supporters who are four-star and five-star travelers, Departure Lounge has a fundraiser program that can be a WIN-WIN-WIN for your organization, your supporters and Departure Lounge.  In short, if your organization is approved by Departure Lounge as a brand-appropriate non-profit, education or charitable partner and you have marketing platforms in place to communicate to your constituents, then Departure Lounge will pay you 10% of gross commission earned on all bookings resulting from your promotion efforts to your organization.

If you are interested in joining the Departure Lounge advisor team of independent contractors, we’d love to hear from you.  We are seeking top professionals nationwide who are established sellers of luxury travel or are ready to begin a career as a travel advisor.

Our compensation plan is as innovative as our business concept.  We have three different compensation options: 1) commission split for individual advisors; 2) commission split for teams working under one contract; or 3) a monthly flat fee for individual advisors that allows you to keep 100% of commissions for clients you have sourced.  Our advisors typically have 50-100 affluent client households, for which they arrange travel multiple times per year. 

For travel advisors who are new or fairly new to selling travel but are very well traveled and knowledgeable, Departure Lounge helps you develop strategies to attract new clients.  Departure Lounge also generates qualified leads, most heavily in Austin and San Antonio, which are placed with the agency’s travel advisors in those cities.  

You don’t have to live in Texas to be a part of our travel advisors team. Departure Lounge welcomes new and established travel advisors all over the United States seeking to affiliate with a top Virtuoso-member agency focused on innovation and building new ways to engage the world with a passion for travel at its best.

Departure Lounge Travel Advisor Keys To Success

Number & Caliber Of Constituents Travel Habits Marketing/Communications Platform(s)
If your group is made up of 100 or more affluent, engaged participants, our fundraiser program could be a great fit. If your group includes several avid travelers who enjoy international vacations, cruises and tours 4- and 5-star levels, and these travelers love complimentary upgrades and perks, our program is ideal. Your organization must have marketing and communications platforms and gatherings in which you can regularly promote the fundraiser partnership and drive your constituents to utilize Departure Lounge to reserve their personal travel.

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