Departure Lounge works with family offices in a couple of ways.  We can have you interview a selection of top Departure Lounge travel advisors to support your family office, or we can train your internal staff at the family office to arrange travel using our resources and platforms.  Either way, your travelers experience industry-best upgrades and perks while benefiting from expert guidance and support.  Having your internal staff trained can actually create a revenue stream produced by your travel spend.

We are members of the prestigious Virtuoso luxury travel network, and we have elite status in more than 25 preferred travel agency programs with the top brands in luxury travel.  What does that mean for travelers?  We are uniquely equipped and connected to deliver the absolute best travel experiences and VIP treatment.

Want to discuss options for your family office?

Contact Departure Lounge Founder Keith Waldon at [email protected] or (512) 322-9399.