Departure Lounge makes the travel planning process enjoyable and rewarding.  We have a team of travel planning specialists to assist you with any destination or type of travel that interests you.  As a member of the prestigious Virtuoso international travel network, Departure Lounge has access to amazing complimentary upgrades and perks for its travel clients.

When you visit the lounge, we make sure you’re comfortable with a beverage of choice and lots of resources to look into options for your next adventure.  Our travel advisors meet with clients by appointment.  Let us know the destination or type of trip you want to plan, and we’ll select the perfect advisor to work with you.  We have more than 20 specialists here in the Austin area, and we have 50 more across North America.

Departure Lounge also hosts frequent travel events, so let us know if you’d like to be added to our Austin invitation list.  Our events always give you an opportunity to learn from an expert about a destination and/or a type of travel.

For the same price or lower that you would have paid directly, Departure Lounge can often reserve a trip for you that includes some special perks, upgrades and/or amenities.  Plus, by working with a Departure Lounge advisor, you’ll have someone to watch out for you before, during and after your trip.

We love creating amazing vacations, and we have the best travel provider partners worldwide.  We look forward to collaborating with you to make your next journey outstanding.

Meet Our Founder

Keith Waldon
Keith WaldonFounder
A native Texan, Keith Waldon began his career in luxury travel while still in college in Dallas as an intern for Rosewood Hotels, where he continued his career as a marketing manager after graduating from Southern Methodist University. Keith later spent 16 years as a senior executive for the international luxury travel network Virtuoso, where creating the Virtuoso brand and elevating the awareness of travel advisors were among his accomplishments.

With 25 years in the luxury travel industry and a bit of a maverick Texan personality, Keith developed the Departure Lounge concept as a new way to visibly engage a community with the world of travel.

“A couple decades ago and before, travelers needed a place to pick up air tickets and brochures, along with the expertise of a travel advisor,” he explains. “Today, electronic tickets and websites take the place of printed documents, but the need for a knowledgeable travel advisor is stronger than ever in a marketplace of search engines that produce a million results for just about any destination. So Departure Lounge addresses the current needs of travelers via a fun place to discover destinations, literally get a taste of the world’s most amazing places through coffees, wines and foods, and collaborate with travel advisors who are knowledgeable and globally connected to help travelers experience the world at its absolute best.”

Keith has traveled the world through his career, and his favorites include Italy, Egypt and Cambodia, as he is drawn to history, art and remarkable architecture. While his travel interests may be focused on destinations with ancient pasts, his vision for the future of travel has given Austinites a remarkable venue to celebrate wanderlust and plan their next great adventures.

Keith is honored to be featured on Travel+Leisure Magazine’s A-List of travel experts as a Food & Wine travel specialist.

Departure Lounge Is A Proud Member Of Virtuoso

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What Is Virtuoso?
And Why Is It Important To You?

Virtuoso is a global network of the best travel advisors and travel providers all focused on providing you with the best travel experiences.


Virtuoso is a by-invitation membership.  To be invited, you have to be at the top of your game and a proven seller or provider of luxury travel.


The Virtuoso network produces more than $21 billion in travel sales annually. That’s buying power in your favor for upgrades, perks and amenities.


Departure Lounge travel advisors meet face-to-face annually with Virtuoso preferred travel providers.  When we say we know them, we know them.