At the top of the World, there are no roads in – Journey to the farthest ends of the earth and take a guided journey by air to the farthest north Eskimo village. Fly north across the Arctic Circle to the Inupiat Eskimo village of Barrow. Receive an official Arctic Circle Certificate. Discover firsthand the lifestyles of Alaska’s Arctic Coastal peoples with a tour of the village. Meet the Inupiat Eskimo people while enjoying a cultural program featuring ceremonial song and dance, traditional games, and demonstrations of local crafts. Walk the shores of the Arctic Ocean near the northernmost point on the North American Continent. Bravely dip your toe in the frigid waters of the Arctic Ocean. Experience a climate as fierce as the football game the Barrow Whalers love.

Speak with one of our Travel Advisors about this exciting adventure and other Authentic Alaskan Experiences that can be customized for you. Pricing depends upon your individual travel preferences and add-ons of additional Alaskan locations, activities or special access.

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