Type of Supplier:Supplier Name (VIP = *)Agency ID Number:Commission Rate(s) +/- Fees:Brief Description of Offerings:Destinations Covered:Reservations/Support Contact Info:DL Reccommended Rep Name:Rep Email/Phone:Website for Agents:How to register:Transfer from another agency:
InsuranceAllianzF203386Premier - 38% | Classic - 28% | Classic+ - 15% | Basic 10% | Essential - 20% | For all other commission rates, please check VirtuosoAs a world leader in travel protection, we help more than 70 million people answer the call of adventure with confidence every year.Worldwide[email protected] - 855-524-3687Karen Burke[email protected] - 888-433-2920https://agentmaxonline.com/agentmaxweb/agentportal/index.html#/loginUse website for agents link and Agent ID (ACCAM) to get started.
Private JetsAltour Airn/aPrices vary, check website or refer to booking agent for more details.ALTOUR Air has the industry relationships and leverage to provide the perfect private jet for your needs.Worldwide[email protected]Wynona Dyer[email protected] - 940-365-1500 https://www.altour.com/altour-airEmail Wynona with your clients request
InsuranceArch Roamrightn/a29% Pro, Pro Plus, On Trip Plus | 15% CancelFlex | Payouts around 15th of each month | Notify Account Management by the 2nd of each month for any policies purchased in the previous month that do not appear in your Partner Portal.Arch Roamright Portal Information - Personalize link to obtain your clients quotes, modify quotes, run reports, see travel threats, and review claim status. You can also send your personalized link directly to your client to prepare their own quotes. Either way you will receive a notification when the sale is complete.Worldwide[email protected] - 1-877-722-1959Giovana Silva [email protected] | (443) 279-7351 | (855) 293-0766.https://www.archinsurancesolutions.com/retailer/training/video/departurelounge/Simply complete the 8 minute training video linked in website column and enter your name and email below the viewing screen at the end of the video.Please cc both - Jen Haslacker - mailto:[email protected] and Sam Urbanski - [email protected] | Phone - 410-281-0077 (Jen)
Visas & PassportsCIBTvisas 100461We are paid a set fee vs. commission rate: Standard Visa - $25 | Rush Visa - $45 | Emergency Visa - $65 | Standard Passport - $25 | Rush Passport - $45 | Emergency Passport - $65With more than 50 years’ experience, CIBT has become the largest and most well-established travel visa and passport company in the world. We are the fast and easy way to obtain a travel visa, passport, and other documents for travel anywhere in the world including popular destinations such as China, India, Russia, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.Any destination that requires a visa, CIBTvisas can assist, except in cases where a personal appearance is required by the consulate. We have offices in 15 countries.[email protected] - 877-796-7966Carolyn Minnihan[email protected]https://cibtvisas.com/?login=departureloungeNo need to register. By using the link listed or referencing the CIBTvisas account number for Departure Lounge you’ll be receiving the discounted rates we offer Virtuoso members.
FIT Luxury ToursClassic Vacations*IATA# - 45649730Variable - 12-15%Classic Vacations remains committed to our mission of helping you the travel advisor deliver an exceptional travel experience and superior customer service to each and every one of your clients. As the luxury customer continues to evolve, we are here to help. Our portfolio of products includes expanded accommodations choices to complete any itinerary, an extend range of tours activities to enhance a vacation, a broader selection to fit every budget and more once in a life time experiences to add to your clients bucket list.Hawaii, Caribbean, Europe, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Tahiti, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Seychelles Maldives and Dubai[email protected] - 1-800-331-7280 - (24/7 Line - 800-243-6499)Teresa Sevilla[email protected] | 214-529-9384https://www.classicvacations.com/New accounts - use DL IATA to sign up
Flight Itinerary MgmtGlobal First Traveln/aService charge of $200 per booking, advisors should account for fee and charge a ticket fee for clients.Named the air gurus of luxury travel, our highly experienced and dedicated agents know their markets and have the in-depth understanding required to ensure a successful journey from start to end. We expertly map out the flight itinerary path to eloquently correspond with personal trip specifications. Our vast, first-hand experience of the airline aircrafts, interior designs, and up-to-date product information enable us to deliver a tailor-made, memorable trip for every type of traveler.Worldwide800-666-2523 - [email protected]Shternie Dahan[email protected] - 800-666-2523 x 107 https://www.globalfirsttravel.com/Please reach out to the reservations booking email listed with your request <<
WholesalerID Travel GroupIATA# - 45649730Variable - 12-16%Exclusively dedicated to travel professionals, ID specializes in luxury vacations throughout warm weather destinations across the globe. As a full service tour operator we provide exclusive packages including air, hotel, transfers and sightseeing along with comprehensive concierge assistance.Select properties worldwide. Please refer to this link for their current list of properties.914-833-3300 - [email protected]Jennifer Molloy[email protected]https://www.idtravelgroup.com/Please call 914-833-3300 or email [email protected] with IATA, agency address, phone number, email address, and consortia affiliation.
WholesalerJournese/Pleasant HolidaysIATA# - 4564973015%Pleasant Holidays is one of the largest tour operators in the U.S., offering vacation packages, flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals, travel protection and related travel services to the world’s most popular destinations. The Company’s portfolio of travel brands includes Pleasant Holidays, Journese, Air By Pleasant and Pleasant Activities.Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Australia , New Zealand, Central America, USA, Canada, Fiji, Cook Islands, Tahiti, Bora Bora and French Polynesia.800-642-9244Karen Seibler[email protected] - 972-342-4241https://www.pleasantholidays.com/Travel-Agent-Sign-Inhttps://www.pleasantholidays.com/Travel-Agent-Sign-In - Register as agent via website using IATA #.
Private JetsLeviate Air Groupn/aPrices vary, check website or refer to booking agent for more details.Leviate has a stellar reputation in the private air industry, as a leader in service and safety. We’re committed to the fastest response times, and wide aircraft availability. Worldwide877-407-8507 - [email protected]Michael O’Reilly[email protected] https://leviateair.com/Email contact listed with your request <<
SpecialtyMedjet866528% for New memberships / 15% for RenewalsThe premier air medical transport membership program for travelers. If you are hospitalized 150 miles or more from home and meet transport criteria, Medjet will arrange medical repatriation and air medical transport back to your home country hospital of choice at no additional cost to the membership fee- regardless of necessity.WorldwideMembership Service Team (800) 527-7478Laura J. Heidt[email protected] | 205.599.6479 www.medjet.com/departureloungePlease visit the website or call the membership service team (use agency ID) to set up a membership for your client.
InsuranceTravelex43-0327Compensation is based on the individual Travelex plan: Travel Basic 26%) and Travel Select (30%).Travelex Insurance Services is one of the largest providers of retail travel insurance in North America. A preferred Virtuoso Partner since 1998, Travelex offers multiple travel protection plans ranging from leisure and corporate, to group and wholesale, that provide competitive coverage to major travel organizations, airports and through more than 3,400 independent agencies across the U.S.Worldwide - except OFAC sanctioned destinations.Contact Travelex Customer Solutions - at 800.504.7883, 8:00 am – 7:00 pm CST, M-FBenjamin Stone[email protected] | P: 800-205-5785  |  F: 888.369.8481https://www.travelexinsurance.com/partners/login.aspxPlease contact Travelex Rep to set up your Travelex Partner Resources login and password.
WholesalerUltimate Jet Vacations*IATA# - 4564973015%Ultimate Jet Vacations carries luxury hotels at 15% commission. The full portfolio can be found on their website. It should be noted – UJV should NOT be used for Departure Lounge VIP Partners.Select properties worldwide. Please refer to their website for a full list of properties in their portfolio1-800-231-4095 - (24/7 Line - 1-305-830-0200)Kevin Peyrache[email protected] | 1-786-625-7754https://www.ultimatejetvacations.com/New accounts - use DL IATA to sign up - if you don't already have an agent assigned to you, email Kevin Peyrache with your request and he will match you to an agent
Tour OperatorVaxDL Phone# - 512322939915% Commission, except Las Vegas which is 13% and Villas which are 10%; additional 1% Commission for Online BookingsVax Vacation Access (Travel Impressions) is one of the nation’s largest leisure tour operators, offering packaged and FIT vacations to over 200 destinations. An extensive portfolio featuring more than 1,850 resorts, hotels, and over 1,500 luxury villas, plus 2,000 tours—including exclusive itineraries to Cuba—provide global options for every traveler.Africa, Asia, Canada, Caribbean, Central/South America, Europe, Mexico, South Pacific, United States877-436-7737 - [email protected]James Kareka[email protected] - 800-284-0044Login here.Please reach out to [email protected] - once your credentials are created you'll login via this link.