Meet Travel Advisor Sasha Charney

Picture collection of Travel Advisor Sasha Charney visiting different locations.

In one of my earliest memories, I’m five and on a jet way with my father on a business trip. The corridor stretches on and on and it’s the most exciting walk I have ever taken. Growing up with minimal financial resources, my passion for travel was not deterred; it simply coalesced into a determination to make travel a priority.  When a close friend moved to Costa Rica in 7th grade, I babysat all year, saving for a plane ticket. At that young age I traveled solo from Colorado to San Jose (via the Miami airport in the 1980s, probably the part of the trip my parents most dreaded). That month in Costa Rica resulted in my first kiss, and a profound love of travel that has never waned.

Since that first international trip, I have traveled to six continents (one day I’ll get to Antarctica and make it seven).

My travels have included living, volunteering and working in France, Belgium, Cameroon, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Peru. I drove from Colorado to Nicaragua in a 1970 Ford Maverick and completed an around-the-world trip using miles to travel solely in first and business class. Basically, I am a voracious traveler who enjoys both the actual voyage and its planning.

While travel has been always been a passion and I’ve been the go-to person for friends and family wanting planning tips, 2017 marks the launch of my professional travel career. I could not be more excited to bring my many years of research and analytical experience (as a water resources manager and ecommerce professional) to crafting unique journeys. I am relentless in my effort to understand an individual’s travel preferences and to craft a vibrant and remarkable trip. Together we can create a resonant voyage that will result in a lifetime of memories.