Meet Travel Advisor Pamela Strauss-Goldman

A collage showing Pamela Strauss at various travel destinations

Since I was very young I remember packing my own carry-on and getting a little pamphlet on the destinations we were going to visit. My family loves to travel and the excitement always began before we departed, and my curiosity has never waned.

I grew up in Beverly Hills, earned my Bachelor’s degree from UC San Diego, and my Master’s degree from Tel Aviv University. Having lived in the two dynamic and well-positioned cities of London and Tel Aviv for over six years (collectively), I rarely missed an opportunity to spend my weekends and holidays traveling through Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

While working in the vibrant Tel Aviv startup world in travel tech, my mother Renée Strauss, a wedding industry veteran, and I co-founded the company Wedaways: a curated portfolio of the world’s best destination wedding venues. One of the most interesting and enjoyable aspects of building our growing business is to visit almost every property we invite to join, personally.

I make it a point when I travel to veer off the beaten path to discover gems in each location, taste local foods, and immerse myself in the highlights of a destination. Travel and the memories we make from our experiences either alone or with loved ones, is a privilege to be treasured.

Whether it’s a romantic getaway to a beach destination, an authentic immersion trip to Asia, a heritage destination wedding in Europe, or bucket list safari with the family, I’m well versed in the requirements, lay of the land, and ground services to ensure the best experiences are had by all.

A lover of luggage and luxury, I always have my passport and favorite carry-on by the door, ready for the next adventure!