Meet Travel Advisor Melissa Hancock

Trip Collage of Travel Planner Melissa Hancock enjoying various vacations.

You know that ice breaker question where you answer the question, “If I didn’t do [INSERT JOB], I’d be a _____ ” ? Well, in my corporate life, my answer was always “travel planner.” I am most happy when I hit the “book” button, maybe even more so than taking the actual trip (crazy, I know). I have one of those minds that is always planning the next thing. I think a year out and have usually planned 75% of our family vacations for at least the next year. If our calendar is blank, chances are I’m just trying to talk my husband into letting me book something.

Like most of my colleagues, I’ve loved travel from a very young age. As a young adult, I traveled to the UK and Western Europe and when in the corporate world, traveled to India and Far East Asia for Work. Now, as the mother of two young children, we stay closer to North America but dream of travel to Greece someday soon.

Even within the U.S., there are so many beautiful places to travel and wonderful resorts to experience. If I could live in a hotel, I probably would. I love learning about clients travel preferences and hearing their travel dreams and then making those a reality.