Meet Travel Advisor Lia Kickham

Trip Collage of Travel Advisor Lia Kickham showing her exploring different areas.

My love for travel actually began long ago with my love for art history. Studying art history introduced me to different cultures and destinations far away. I love the beauty in the differences. I was fascinated with the history of how civilizations and people came to be; why they lived the way they lived, why they loved what they loved, and what shaped their values. The variations in humanity captivate me.

Of course this leisurely pursuit turned into an obsession as I began to travel to new places and actually experience the things I had studied for so long. What better way to experience your hobby than by actually feeling it, seeing it, tasting it? (Emphasis on tasting it… hello Italian wine!)

Feedback from my clients has highlighted that I am thoughtful, caring, and extremely detail oriented. I love helping people travel and experience new things. I oversee every aspect of a trip to perfection and make sure people feel taken care of for the entire process!

My favorite part of my job is anticipating my clients needs. I love connecting them with new and familiar destinations. Sometimes, relentless travel planning can spoil the fun, and sometimes plans go awry. The hard stuff? That is where I excel. The best part is the partners and network I have grown in this industry excel at the hard stuff too. That means the best service and pricing for my clients. A vacation should truly be that- a VACATION from hassle and the worries of everyday life. I love creating a positive experience from start to finish for my clients.