Meet Austin Travel Agent Jessica Oballo
Austin Travel Advisors

A photo montage depicts Travel Advisor Jessica Oballo on various travel adventures.
I believe that most of what we know about the world is what we have learned while traveling. There is nothing like your first animal sighting on safari, experiencing a sunset in Santorini, visiting an elementary school in Kenya, sipping homemade hot chocolate in Oaxaca’s zocalo or listening to local music around the world. Visiting new places opens your eyes to different cultures, makes you a more informed citizen of the world and brings meaning to things you only read about in books. To me, travel is about meeting people that are completely different than you are and realizing there is a connection.
I joined Mosaic Safaris in 2017 to pursue my passion for travel and create unique and meaningful experiences for my clients. I look forward to helping you curate a one of a kind journey.