Meet Austin Travel Agent Hadiel Erskine

My passion for Austin luxury travel and new cultures has been fostered since the beginning of my life. From my native Egypt, I had traveled to Dubai, Ireland, and Paris before the age of five. While I can’t quite personally recall the taste of crepes sampled as a toddler, I wonder sometimes if this early stage travel resulted in some kind of airplane conditioning, better adapting me on some micro level to tolerate increased cabin pressure and long-haul elevated stillness.

This lifestyle continued as I grew up around the world, living on five continents by high school graduation. A trip that had a particularly strong influence on me was at age 15, when my dad and I embarked on a European road trip. We traveled to over 11 cities in 14 days. The whirlwind of cultural variances, diverse cuisines, unique art and architecture sparked a passion that I continue to cultivate today in my own travels.

To me, travel is a means towards external and internal discovery – learning more about this phenomenal planet we call home, while also teaching us about ourselves as individuals. Introspection and personal growth are just a few of the many rewards derived from exploring the world. I want to share those rewards with others by gaining a detailed understanding the specific needs of my clients and helping them create memorable, well-informed itineraries that allow them to enjoy every moment of their experience.

Having lived in Egypt, South America, Europe, and the US, I specialize in multiple destinations around the globe. So, where would you like to go on your next adventure? At The Departure Lounge, a travel agency in Austin Texas, I’m ready to help make your next adventure happen authentically, and in style.