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At a very young age my family moved overseas. From the islands of the Caribbean to Southeast Asia and the Middle East, I spent my youth traveling the world while attending international schools in foreign lands. I grew up with kids from all over, and I learned that while we may come from different places, we all have things in common. That experience set the table for my appetite for travel to faraway places and for doing it in a very unique and meaningful way.

I am fortunate to have been able to share my love of experiencing other cultures with my family. From their earliest days, we have included our children in our adventures. Regardless of their ages, they have always gotten something out of the journey.

Exposing them to other cultures in far away places has allowed them to experience some of the same lessons that I learned growing up before I was an Austin travel specialists.  These experiences have helped them to see others as people first, free of stereotypes. Because of travel, my family and I feel ties to the greater world.

I have designed excursions to places near and far, including Indonesia, India, Myanmar, China, the South Pacific, Brazil and the Amazon, Argentina and Patagonia, Chile, Morocco, the Philippines, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Europe, the Mediterranean, Hawaii and more by land and by sea. In my opinion, any destination holds endless opportunities, if only we are able to open our eyes to them.

My belief is that travel is the best education one can invest in.  Learn about your destination before you travel, go and immerse yourself while you are there, be open to learning, be a good ambassador, give of yourself, and finally take away the simple things that we often forget that makes life so rich; new relationships and memories that will bond you and the ones you love forever.

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