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My younger days were not filled with travel, like many of my travel colleagues or before I was one of a few travel advisors in Austin.  However, once out on my own I made up for lost time in a hurry!  In my early 20’s, and with my first corporate bonus check in hand, my husband & I went straight to the nearest Travel Agency.  I initially was just planning on the standard one week trip of the European highlights.  However, the more I researched, the more difficult it became to decide which highlights to visit.  At the time, we also assumed this would be our ‘once in a lifetime trip”.  With that in mind, we easily slipped in to what became our motto – “might as well”.  For “just a little more” we could take a day or two detour to see the Isle of Capri in Italy.  Might As Well!

For “just a little more” we could take a day or two detour to ski the Swiss Alps.  Might As Well!  For “just a little more” we could take a day or two detour to stay in an historic canal house in Amsterdam.  Might As Well!  You’re probably sensing the pattern.  The ‘standard’ one-week trip expanded in to almost a month.  Fortunately, my company was very supportive of this extended adventure – as long as souvenir gifts were involved.

After that trip, there was no going back – I had definitely been bitten by the Travel Bug.  After a few more trips, mostly skiing, I quit the corporate world and went to Travel School to explore the real world.  Although I’ve taken many more luxurious trips since then, that first trip opened my eyes to what a wonderful world we have to explore.  I would also love to help you expand your view of all the wonder our world has to offer.

What Clients Say

Wonderful Advisor, Wonderful Trip

Evelyn was wonderful to work with. We had no idea where to begin and she took the reins and booked a wonderful trip for us.

Julie W.

To Venice, Last Minute

Evelyn was great and helped us arrange a last minute Venice trip!

Denise R.

Organized & Helpful

She was very organized and very helpful. I’d use her again.

Nancy C.

Worry-Free in Italy

Our trip was amazing. What’s even more impressive is there were no hiccups at all! Everything went exactly according to plan and my husband and I were able to sit back and just enjoy showing our kids Italy without any worry.

Summer T.