Meet Allison Tolbert—a Departure Lounge Travel Specialist

A collage depicts travel specialist Allison Tolbert on various travel adventures.

I live in Charleston, SC with my husband and daughter. Before working with Departure Lounge’s Austin travel agency, I spent much of my professional work life traveling as an art curator for galleries and museums. Over the years I have been able to gather resources and connections to add value and expertise to your vacation and travel planning. I have lived in eight states, including popular travel specialist destinations: NYC, Denver, Key West, Destin, Savannah and now Charleston; and have traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, Africa, Europe and Japan. In 2007 I traveled across the U.S. and Canada for four months in an RV with my mother and then toddler, visiting 49 states and Vancouver Island. In 2011 my family and I spend three months exploring Japan and another three months in Hawaii. In 2017, I traveled on my own for six months throughout South Africa and Lesotho. Most recently I had the opportunity to visit Antigua—so be sure to ask me about all of the wonderful properties there!

Interests & Specialties

I am a beach person at heart and love planning coastal vacations and cruises throughout the world. I’m also a group travel specialist with extensive history with multi-generational families and weddings, both at island destinations and throughout the U.S. As an advisor working with Departure Lounge’s Austin travel agency, I’m ready to lend my expertise and become your travel agent in the Austin area.