Company Name: Querido Representation Co.

Type of Company (Wholesaler/Tour Company/Cruise Line/ETC.): Representing Company

Brief Description of Key Offerings: The Finest Family Owned Hotels & Resorts. Our unmatched collection of singular and inspiring properties featuring the best of each destination, its soul and their local traditions. Collaborating closely to the owning families and the very talented and professional teams allow us to understand how to better serve them in North America and who are the perfect guests for each property, making all parties involved (Hotel, Travel Advisor and Guests) extremely satisfied with their experience. 

Destination(s) Covered: Spain, Italy and France

Good For These Types Of Clients: those looking for high end Virtuoso properties

Reservations/Support Contact Info: Carlos Quereda [email protected] +16043742555

Departure Lounge’s Rep Contact Info: Carlos Quereda [email protected] +16043742555

Website For Agents:

Commission Percentage for Departure Lounge Advisors (if quoting gross pricing): 10% as per usual with hotel bookings.