Luxury Travel Advisor Pilot Program with Marriott and LaCure: Marriott contact: [email protected]
Marriott Homes and Villas offer 8500 Units worldwide
25% in luxury segment
Not all homes apply to this pilot program – just homes featured on the TA landing page. (Which is a partnership with Marriott and LaCure)
Pilot program runs June 9-September 11 2020 for any future arrival date.
10% commission on rental only not on additional La Cure services. Commission payments paid 30 days after travel – there will be a template that we will need to submit to LaCure to request payment.
Only the 700+ homes currently on the landing page are commissionable. They are adding new homes often. If you send an email ([email protected]) to inquire about a property and LaCure recommends a property not on the landing page that home will also be commissionable.
Clients can gain Bonvoy points and use Bonvoy points to book. Homes reserved with Bonvoy points are still commissionable at the 10%. (Clients are not able to pay with a combination of points and cash.)
Marriott Homes and Villas look no further guarantee not applied to villas in pilot program.
Indulge, Enrich and Energize value added offerings are auto included in the pricing. (see image)
LaCure can assist with special requests like elite tickets, restaurant reservations, hard to get tickets…no commission on additional services.
[Notes from Travel Advisor Allie Tolbert from Marriott Homes & Villas training on 06.09.2020]