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Meet Travel Advisor Christie Holmes

I was born in Charleston South Carolina but grew up outside of New York City, Washington DC and Kiffisa, Greece. I have lived in the South East of the United States since graduating from Furman University in South Carolina. I love the warmth and the hospitality of the American South and find the creative music and literary culture inspiring.

While I love exploring our own backyard, I see the value of well-crafted domestic and international family travel that enriches the educational exposure my children have and creates lasting memories for our family. 

I am the daughter of an international banker. My father’s career took us overseas to Greece to live for three years when I was in elementary school. During that time we traveled extensively as a family. That period in my life exposed me different cultures, afforded me the gift of multicultural friendships and created a great desire for exploration. Now that I am a mother and wife, my desire to travel and explore domestically and internationally with family has only increased, to show them the things I have seen and to experience new adventures together. 

I have a unique perspective on travel. I have seen parts of the world through the mystery and wonder in the eyes of a child, and now as an adult and parent I seek to open up that world of wonder for my children and myself once again. Through exposure to the global culture in our own backyard as well as traveling internationally I hope to create a curiosity that will last throughout their lifetime.

My goal is to expend those opportunities to your family as I guide you in planning unique itineraries fitted to your families interests that expose you to different cultures, new customs and educational experiences that create memories and bonds that will last a lifetime. Exploring other cultures has opened my eyes to beauty and created lasting shared memories that still define me to this day. I look forward to you having a similar outcome with your individually crafted trips.

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