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Meet Travel Advisor Bruce Butler

After over thirty years as a management consultant and technology executive, Bruce has recently shifted gears to follow his passion for travel, especially cycling and hiking in Western Europe. He has traveled extensively, having visited France on twenty occasions and spent more than a year in Europe in total.  He has cycled and hiked at least once every year for more than a decade in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the U. K., many times with family and as well with new-found friends.

Bruce’s cycling travel has ranged from leisurely cruising down quiet country lanes on hybrids to climbing Alpine passes on carbon road bikes.

Cycling in Europe is more enjoyable than in North America, from the attitudes of its drivers to its extensive cycling infrastructure.  Whether you wish to ride at a relaxed pace for a few hours or to challenge yourself to climbing and descending mountains, on an organized tour or by yourself, Bruce is your advisor.

As with cycling, European hiking options are more varied and with excellent transportation, such as rail and mountain lifts, you can travel easily to spectacular vistas and hike point to point.  For those interested in spectating major cycling events, Bruce can arrange your travel needs, including obtaining top-quality bikes and VIP passes to mountain-top and other stage finishes.

Of course there’s more to life than cycling or hiking.  As one who enjoys fine food and wine and is an amateur of architecture and art, Bruce can advise on a variety of rewarding itineraries in western Europe.  In addition, he has vast knowledge of his native Canada, particularly the western provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.  Coupled with his knowledge and experience is an attention to detail which provides each client with peace of mind.

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