Meet Travel Advisor Valentina Ianni Palarchio

Departure Lounge Travel Advisor Valentina Ianni Palarchio in various locations around the world.

The first time I “fell in Love” it was the eighties, I was 4 years old and I was on holiday with my parents at the Canary Islands: his name was Westin, he was 5 and British… we would speak zero, but we would exchange intense glances and share glasses of iced Coke with two straws, sitting on two barstools higher than us while our families would stare at us and smile.
That trip is the first one that I have memories of and I remember “falling in love”, fainting while climbing a volcano, dealing with a different currency for the first time, learning my first five words of Spanish, but above all, I clearly remember the moment when, once back at home few days later, I was longing for those feelings and I felt my wanderlust for the first time.
I consider myself blessed for having been raised in a family where traveling, exploring and experiencing are considered to be investments on your own person and soul, and so my decision to embrace tourism field was made very early and quite naturally: I graduated as a foreign languages interpreter when I was 22 and started working as a European Tour Leader the year after, I’m also a Tourist Guide in Rome and I have been designing tours for various companies and private clients in the last years.
I’m excited and honored to cooperate with Departure Lounge as I’m deeply convinced that the quality in the organization and service to the client can be more important than the destination itself.