Meet Travel Advisor Tina Straus

A collage depicts Tina Straus on various travel adventures.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart”


Travel is the ultimate gift to yourself and your family. Traveling provides us with our greatest stories, our most cherished memories, and the opportunity to learn far more than we can in a classroom. My husband and I have four children, and we have traveled extensively as a family. We also set aside time to travel as a couple and by ourselves because each combination allows us the opportunity to learn and grow in different ways.

I love everything about traveling: the movement, the novelty, and the chance to be nudged out of my comfort zone. I enjoy great restaurants and fabulous hotels, and I think those comforts add greatly to the travel experience. My favorite travel memories, though, have been those I never expected to find:

  • Getting bumped from a flight from Memphis and then accidentally attending an international convention of Elvis impersonators at Graceland
  • Setting out on an unplanned day trip and stumbling into the Umbria Jazz Festival
  • The emotional reaction to seeing Michelangelo’s David for the first time
  • Belgian frites, bought from a street vendor at a snowy Christmas market

I plan experiences I know my clients will love and leave room for that little bit of magic. If you travel with the right heart, it will always find you.