Meet Travel Advisor Kimberly Davis 

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Kimberly Davis is a former cultural anthropologist and 20 year mental healthcare consultant and executive coach with a history of extensive global travel for both work and leisure. The vision for Kim’s travel design work was born out of her passion in both of those previous careers: her commitment to authentic human and cultural connections to create new global awareness, and her ability to harness the power of travel, and the wonder it can engender, to push us outside of our comfort zones to create empowering and affirming experiences. She has stayed in $5/night hotels with bedbugs, and $1000/night hotels with butlers (definitely preferring the latter). She has hiked across the Andes, snorkeled with sharks in Belize, cooked curries in Sri Lanka, and been blessed by monks in Cambodia. Throughout those experiences, she found that stepping into an adventure with curiosity, compassion (for herself and others), and a little touch of fearlessness, can allow us to discover a whole other side to ourselves and our world that we often did not expect. She specializes in regenerative experiences for her clients, whether that be a family needing to reconnect, an individual wanting to explore deeply during a life change, or anyone looking to slow down and recharge or take on a new exciting challenge.