Meet Our Travel Advisor Jade Li from Austin, TX

Travel Agent From Austin Jade Li

I was born and raised in Hangzhou, China. Luckily for me, I spent my childhood and teenage years traveling around Asia with my family. I then lived in sunny Florida in Orlando and Miami for many years which turned me into a sun chaser. I live in New York City now but I can’t live without the sea breeze, sunshine and the relaxing pool for too long, so I know all about the best islands to venture into.

I started selling luxury leisure travel in 2018 but have been advising, booking and experiencing different hotel brands and destinations for over 15 years. If I am not on a trip at the moment, I am actively planning one! I love venturing to new countries, islands, meeting new people, and most importantly, some R&R and self-reflection to go along with massages. I understand just how much a smooth, well-planned trip can do for your health, body, and soul. You have enough tasks and things to worry about, let me take care of the stressful trip-planning process for you with my expertise!

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