Meet Travel Advisor 

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Are you a carefree spirit, cultural connoisseur, soulful revitalizer, natural adventurer…or traveling with a combination of travelers? Multi-generational travel? Trying to manage a group? I enjoy developing a personal relationship with, and collaborating with each client, to customize their travels for an enriching experience. I will guide you through the process by drawing on my personal knowledge of visited places, experiences of other clients, an extensive network of global suppliers and well-established industry relationships. My goal is to eliminate any anxiety and facilitate a seamless luxury experience.

For the last 20 years, I have had the great fortune to travel to incredible destinations and encounter diverse cultures. 31 states, 29 countries, 5 continents….and counting!, With an open heart and curious mind, I’ve sought authentic experiences. Sharing the world in this meaningful way with my family and friends has not only created cherished memories, but molded me into the person I am. I deeply value the personal and transformative nature of travel. This passionate insight is what drives me to share with my clients “this unique hotel”, “that tiny hole-in-the-wall café with the best local food”, “this hilarious tour guide” and other essential details. Some of my favorite destinations include Mexico, Iceland, Croatia, Oman, Italy, Australia and Thailand.

My journey to becoming a luxury travel advisor is a bit convoluted and prepared me well for the challenge! I graduated from Texas Christian University with a BA in International Management, beginning my professional career in Human Resources, before launching my own business teaching Spanish in local schools. I moved on to international school programming and working with student leaders. Throughout my previous careers, I traveled extensively with my husband (who is also in the travel industry) and our three children. When I am not planning client travels, I am happily busy supporting my children and their passions: baseball, academics, theatre and running.