Meet Travel Advisor Catherine Dassopoulos

A collection of photos of Travel Advisor Catherine Dassopoulos.

I am a St. Louis native who has always been fascinated by the world’s cultures, languages, foods, art, and music. After graduating from the University of Missouri, I began working in publishing as an editor. Besides St. Louis, I have also lived in Chicago, Baltimore and currently reside in Dallas.

A mother of two daughters, I have worked to expose our girls to the diversity of experience and perspective that can be gained through global travel, taking them on every family trip. With my husband’s family living in Greece, I have in-depth knowledge of the country’s greatest secrets—beyond the most popular destinations.

These yearly trips have provided my daughters with a deep sense of their Greek heritage. Additional travels across Europe and the US have allowed us to learn from each other and the interesting people we have met in our journeys.
As our daughters have grown older, we have involved them in the planning, incorporating activities that connect with their specific interests. We have often traveled with elderly grandparents and extended family members, adding age-appropriate plans for everyone.
I would love to give you the same unique travel opportunities. My job is to help you and your family experience the world with attention to each member’s individualized interests. This personalized travel itinerary will make your trips truly meaningful and provide life-long memories.