Meet Travel Advisor Mimi Warnock

A photo collage of Mimi Warnock, her family, and travels.
Travel has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up my grandparents would take epic trips around the world and we would eagerly await their return and the gifts they would bring us- sheep skin rugs from New Zealand, silk PJs from China and so much more. My father loved sailing, so my summer vacations were spent on a sailboat. We sailed the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, the eastern seaboard and eventually when he retired, the Mediterranean Sea. I love being on the ocean!

In college I studied abroad in Austria and spent a summer with a Eurail pass and a backpack traversing my way across Europe. I gained 20lbs eating pasta and cheese and drinking wine and hefeweizen, but discovered my love of exploring. I traveled a lot in my 20’s, but took a break in my 30’s to start a family.

I have two daughters, ages 11 and 15, and my husband and I have recently started prioritizing traveling with them. I know my greatest memories with my now deceased parents, were the times when we were having adventures together. I want my children to have those same memories. I am looking forward to creating cherished memories for my client’s as well.