Meet Travel Advisor Mary Morin

Collage of Mary Morin's various travel adventures

My travel life started when I was 18 and had the opportunity to study abroad in England. The seed was planted, and I took on a career that would pay me to travel and give me some life experience: I joined the U.S. Navy and have spent the last 20 years with them! In that time, I have had the opportunity to live in five other countries and visit over 30 more. Although, my time in the military is coming to an end, my desire to travel and introduce others to travel, is not!

With maturity, and the addition of three children, my travel style has changed from little to no planning/back-packing/hostel-hopping, to AirBnB with friends at resorts, to then having kids and really wanting something more. Those earlier days of travel were fun, but after having been introduced to the catered service a travel advisor provided for me AND my family, there was no going back! My biggest stress became what to pack as opposed to all the other research involved. (Air, hotel, ground transport, visas, scam alerts, what to do, what to see, must try food/drink/experience…) It can be pretty overwhelming. So I wanted to do this to help others really experience the JOY of travel WITHOUT the stress. I partnered with Departure Lounge and Virtuoso since they have the best experiences to offer to guarantee the trip of a lifetime… over and over again! I look forward to helping you on your travel journey!