Meet Travel Advisor Madeline Steuber

A collage depicting Madeline Steuber on various travel adventures

A lover of nature, environmentally friendly practices, and current Alaska resident, Madeline doesn’t like to sit still for too long. In the last five years, she has lived in four different cities, including Praha, Czech Republic. In 2017, Madeline entered the legal industry working in corporate management. As a coordinating analyst, she helped run a case team of 20 individuals spanning 10 global jurisdictions. She traveled extensively across Europe and Asia and fell in love with different cultures, and the endless new recipes that followed suit. Her time as a case team manager required her to pore over the details leading up to business trip departures. Every aspect from the preparation memoranda down to the layout of a meeting room was carefully considered. But, after watching her parents run a business for 32 years, her desire to help others, her love of travel, and passion for small businesses motivated her to make a change. In the spring of 2020, Madeline took that experience with her, transitioning to a business owner alongside her mom. Together they co-founded Steuber Travel Group, a family-owned, female-founded, forward-thinking travel company.

As ambitious, driven individuals much like their prospective clients, they know first-hand how busy life can get. At Steuber Travel Group, they have one simple mission: to put time back into their client’s day by providing seamless, custom trips.