Meet Travel Advisor Erin McDonald

Spending 12 years in the military, I was fortunate to be able to visit many destinations in the world. Now my goal is to revisit all these amazing places but this time spending loads of time really experiencing the culture.

I currently reside in London, UK so I can answer any and all questions on European travel, even providing custom day-by-day itineraries. For our honeymoon, I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a safari in Africa. I spent months researching so please ask me about travel to Africa. I love to share all of the tips/tricks I’ve learned on optimizing travel in each of these countries, and I look forward to sharing those so you can make the most of your vacation.

Some of my recent favorite travel experiences have been ice caving in Iceland, diving in Maui, going on safari in South African bush country, having sushi under the cherry blossom trees in Japan and driving the entirety of South Island, New Zealand – stopping for wineries and bungee jumping.  Next up is Dubai & the Maldives.