Meet Our San Antonio Travel Advisor Craig Sanders

A collage of Craig Sanders on various travel adventures

While living in Korea and China as an English teacher I explored as much of Asia as I could. I am also a practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga and teach a primary series class once a week.

These experiences and love for travel go hand in hand with my current role as a travel advisor.  Traveling back roads and back alleys has led me on some great adventures and paid huge dividends in the experiences I remember. I can assist you with a multitude of questions not limited to just where you will stay and how you will get there.

Please reach out and I will be happy to help you plan a fantastic trip whether it be for cultural, adventure, or wellness purposes. I have a great network of DMC’s at my fingertips who are on the ground experts in their countries, but I might be able to recommend seeing some sites myself from my own experiences. All of this while maintaining the comfort and standards you desire.

Interested in going to Angkor Wat in Cambodia? It’s such a magnificent relic of the past, but have you heard of Beng Mele? Its close to Angkor, has stunning ruins, less crowds, and traveling there takes you through the rural Cambodian country side.

Have your heart set on going to Myanmar and seeing Bagan and Inle Lake? It’s true the sunsets over Bagan are breathtaking and the fishermen of Inle Lake will leave you in awe at how they row with their feet, but one of the best memories I cherish from Myanmar was staying over night with farmers in their teakwood homes during a three day trek from Kalaw to Inle.

Has traveling to India been on your bucket list? I absolutely love India. It’s magical in so many ways and touches all of the senses. Oasis cities like Udaipur and Jodhpur in Rajasthan have always been top destinations for travelers for good reason, but if you are a little adventurous I might recommend taking a camel trip to the magical for city of Jaisalmer.

Please consider me for your next trip.