Meet Travel Advisor Carol Meyer

Collage of Carol Meyer on various travel adventures

Growing up in Europe I always traveled, there is lots of vacation time and many countries to visit, locally across Europe and Scandinavia, and further afield in the US, Africa and Asia. I traveled for work and for pleasure as a single, couple and family.

After I moved to Austin 18 years ago, I traveled even more.  Visiting cities as a tourist, that were business destinations for me before, was an eye opener.  The Baltic, Mediterranean countries, Hawaii and everywhere in the Caribbean – have been great sea cruise voyages for me, and I am now addicted to river cruises too. I have a strong background in business travel to and from the US, and can also help make a business trip enjoyable for an accompanying spouse as well.

I was always the tour planner for couple, group and multigenerational trips for family and friends, and so doing that for clients, their family and friends, is a delight. The most important thing for me is to listen and really understand what your wants and needs are, what the priorities and constraints are that will make your next vacation the “best one ever.”  Client satisfaction is my primary concern.