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I have loved traveling for as long as I can remember. Family trips were my earliest experiences to see the world outside of my home. After college my friend and I backpacked through Europe for a month. It truly changed my perspective on everything. As I walked through the newly liberated streets of Prague in the mid 1990’s, I could feel the excitement they were feeling adjusting to democracy. Since then I have been taking every possible moment to travel and experience the world. Now that I have a family, I feel it is important to show the world to them and create global citizens. I have chosen this career path because it truly is my passion. When you go to bed dreaming about where to go next, the best thing to do the next day is to plan someone’s trip to get there!!

Let me help turn your dreams into plans. That’s where I come in. Together with a top host travel agency like Departure Lounge, we can plan the perfect journey for you!

What Clients Say

Detail-Oriented & Proactive

Amy is a truly exceptional travel advisor. She is detail oriented, proactive in looking for (and finding) fun travel options, very knowledgeable and extremely personable. It was a pleasure working with her! (And, she also saved us lots of money versus what we could have found on-line!)


Thoughtful & Efficient

Amy is a thoughtful and efficient travel advisor. I’ve referred my friends to her because she understands great travel.

N. Dallas

Whole Process was Easy

Working with Amy was great. She made the whole process easy. Will use her service again for my next adventure.


Very Knowledgeable

Easy and most pleasant. Amy is very knowledgeable and knows the ins and outs of the destination. It made our trip easy and pleasurable. Wouldn’t hesitate to use her for our next trip.


Worry-free Planning

I enjoy working with Amy because I don’t have to worry about any of the details of my trip or my sightseeing because she is experienced enough to present the complete range of choices to us and give a description of each. So all we have to do is look at the choices, listen to her review of the various choices and make our selection. Amy makes traveling easy and enjoyable.



Amy is and has always been AMAZING! She responds quickly and recommends the best places. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND USING HER!

Susan (Mom of Three)

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