Meet Alexis Landrum at Our Travel Agency in San Antonio

A collage of Alexis Landrum, an advisor at our travel agency in San Antonio

From a young age I fell in love with travel. My multicultural background meant traveling around the world to visit family and friends. From sipping hot chocolate in Heidelberg, Germany at the Christmas Markets to dinner on a private/exclusive island in the middle of the Koro Sea, my love for experiencing new things has shaped me.

Through my personal experiences and established relationships in the travel/hospitality industry, I can create extraordinary vacations based on your specific needs. My premier planning services let you travel the world with ease with bespoke itineraries. For the past 13 years, I have been planning luxury custom global experiences for myself and others.

I began my career in broadcast journalism working in NYC and later transferred to my home state of Texas.  My husband didn’t even have a passport until our honeymoon and he received his first stamp from Fiji.  We have traveled the world together, from hiking the mountains of Cinque Terre, Italy, to enjoying the magical sunsets in Santorini to sipping Champagne in Portofino. But sometimes vacations don’t go as planned. While visiting Venice with our kids it snowed for the first time in 50 years, talk about something we weren’t expecting.  But due to my experience and European travel knowledge I was able to facilitate our changing needs gracefully and keep everyone happy.

Being able to help someone see the world and to be part of that process, made me fall in love with travel on a different spectrum. As an advisor at Departure Lounge’s travel agency in San Antonio, I am here to help you have a global experience of a lifetime without the worry and stress that can be paired with travel preparation.  Having visited Europe over 12 times and living abroad many summers, I can plan the trip you desire.