Meet Travel Advisor Rebecca Garland

Advisor Photo Collage Rebecca Garland

In 2009, I took a three-month solo trip to the UK and Europe. I had never traveled solo before. It was on that trip that I first understood how travel and getting out of your comfort zone can be life changing. I began taking solo trips to other places like Southeast Asia and South America, but I realized that while I liked traveling solo at times, I was missing connection with people. As a result, I decided to try my first group travel in 2011 – a surf and yoga retreat in Bali.

During that Bali retreat, I finally felt like I had found my people, a group of like-minded women who understood me and my love of travel. I immediately booked another retreat – this time to Tulum, Mexico. I was sitting on the beach one day in Tulum when I had the idea to start a company that offered traveling retreats for women. That is how my first travel company, Fit & Fly Girl, was created in 2014.

Over the past eight years, I’ve planned travel for and hosted hundreds of women on dozens of Fit & Fly retreats on five continents. Our week-long retreats are generally hosted in a private villa with a personal chef and a variety of activities that are specific to the location such as learning how to play polo in Buenos Aires, making your own perfume in the French Riviera, or camel riding in Morocco. Through these retreats, I’ve artfully learned how to bring together groups of people who have various different travel styles and create a special experience for them. My Fit & Fly guests receive a highly detailed, personalized experience so that they essentially just need to show up. Everything is already thought of and taken care of for them in advance.

A natural extension of Fit & Fly is my luxury travel planning company, The Curated Getaway. TCG allows me to create travel experiences in a similar manner to how I plan retreats – really getting to know the guests who are traveling, their style and preferences, and then tailoring travel to their wants and needs. I specialize in planning curated experiences for couples, groups, and solo travelers. My attention to detail, appreciation of luxurious outside-the-box experiences, and the desire to change people’s lives through travel as it has changed mine is what sets The Curated Getaway apart from other travel advisors.