Meet Travel Advisor Maria Di Cara

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Maria Di Cara moved to Florence Italy when she was 17 years old on a one-way ticket to self-fund her studies in opera and music. Whilst living in Italy she visited over 50 Italian destinations becoming an expert in regional cuisines, local favorite and secret places to visit, and the true heart of Italian culture. Since then, she has traveled the world living in NYC, Los Angeles, and visited places such as Sweden, Germany, The Caribbean, and Mexico & more. Maria’s company LUX QUEST focuses on the AWA Tier: adventure, wellness, and agritourism travel, with a concentration in “Blue Zone” countries. Maria’s family is of native Italian descent, and she speaks 5 languages fluently. Her company LUX QUEST is its own ethos luxury brand, which promotes self-discovery through travel.

Maria is also a renowned vocalist, music producer, and audio engineer. She has collaborated with a number of Grammy and Emmy winning pros throughout her career and can sing in 16 languages. Maria cooks every day on her Instagram @queenchameleoncooks, and offers a free educational award-winning podcast on YouTube. She is married to her sweet viking husband Ozzy from Sweden, and lives with their 14-year-old vivacious beagle mix Jakey.

Maria has always dreamed of travel in vivid color and wishes to consistently immerse herself in various countries and cultures worldwide.