Travel Advisor Marjorie Perlas

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Meet Travel Advisor Marjorie Perlas

Experiences are important. Whether you’re looking for a tailored escape from every day life, an adrenaline-filled adventure somewhere new, or a curated cultural experience to match your interests, I am happy to curate a unique and memorable experience for you.

Being an explorer myself and spending most of my life traveling, I have had the opportunity to experience all kinds of destinations first-hand and can give recommendations wholeheartedly. I plan travel for others with the same care, attention, and passion as I do for each one of my own trips, researching thoroughly and making sure that each experience will be an enriching one. 

Specializing in the US, Europe and Southeast Asia, I can create a travel experience to any corner of the world based on your interests. Whether it is an international group trip or a domestic family retreat, I will build a tailor-made itinerary with each person and personality in mind. My job is to make your trip seamless; your job is to have fun. 🙂

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