Travel Advisor Leigh Bradford

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Meet Travel Advisor Leigh Bradford

Traveling the world has opened my eyes to beauty I did not know existed, cultures I had yet to understand and experiences that molded the person I have become. As a small-town Texas girl, traveling ultimately brought me freedom and adventure far away from home. Early on in my solo travels, I found that when I traveled and immersed myself in another place far from home, I always returned a better person. Few investments in life give that high a return. My travel experiences became priceless to me.

As a mother now, my obsession is to share my passion for travel with my children. Our travels and the memories we have created on our many jaunts have helped create a strong familial bond and shared memories that will last a lifetime.

My children now share my excitement as we plan our upcoming adventures, research future destinations and constantly add to our “bucket list.”  This past year I decided to leave my job as an attorney and embark on my dream job – inspiring others to travel the world with peace of mind. My goal is to eliminate the anxiety and frustrations of travel planning that often hold many back from realizing their dreams. I love writing stories of my own travels and researching travel destinations. I use both to customize and meticulously plan vacations, experiences and adventures that provide so much more than just relaxation for couples and families. Traveling should never simply be about a trip – it should be about creating lifelong memories.

A lover of road trips, I started my early travels with weeks of solo driving trips across our country. I wanted my children to have the same experience, so I began their travel experiences with many summers driving across state after state, teaching them all I learned and experienced before them. Our record was 17 states in 30 days! Now, our family has graduated to longer and more extensive trips through Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Greece, Italy, France, Switzerland, and England. We have enjoyed every footstep, taxi ride, boat experience, train ride and flight along the way. Currently, I am looking forward to trips to Jamaica, Mexico, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. I am even more excited to share my passion for wanderlust with my clients as I help them create trips of a lifetime.

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