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Meet Travel Advisor Katie Warner

My passions lie with experiencing foreign cultures, particularly through music and food, both domestically and abroad.  Born in Houston, and with dual citizenship with Croatia, I was exposed to the idea of a foreign cultures at a young age. 

I attended an international high school and after graduating, moved to Mexico for a summer to learn spanish and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.  It was at this point I caught what people like to call “the travel bug.”  


I decided to focus my adult academic career on international studies and foreign languages, where I had the great fortune of experiencing more than 25 different countries, and living in six of them:  Mexico, Spain, Austria, The U.K., The Netherlands and Brasil.  

In 2009, I decided to repatriate and become involved with the travel community state-side, particularly through my work as a lifestyle writer and photographer.  It was through these experiences of photographing and writing about amazing experiences, not only all over the world, but in our back yard of Austin, that inspired me to become a travel advisor, so that I could help others see the world the way I get the opportunity to see it everyday! 

What Client’s Say

Katie has planned three vacations for me to date. If that doesn’t say what an amazing job she did I’ll say it again, Katie is amazing, knowledgeable and incredibly helpful! Through experience, I’ve learned that with the overwhelming amount of available information on the Internet it is almost impossible to find “the best deal” and plan ones own vacation in a short period of time. As a busy professional, it saved me time and money to hire Katie. Each vacation was customized to my unique desires and came with a neat, helpful itinerary as well as a small travel case, which has gotten much use. I will not go on vacation without Katie planning it and taking care of every single detail. If you want the perfect vacation or need help deciding where to go on a budget, Katie is your gal and will take the best care of you. I highly recommend her services!
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