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Meet Travel Advisor Jorie Jenkins

Born in Houston, Texas and spending most of my life working with animals in the Veterinary field, I experienced my first encounter with international travel in 2012 with a trip to Singapore and Thailand. Despite the 30 hour flight home, I was itching to continue my travels and had never experienced anything so exciting.

In 2015 I ended a career with a veterinary hospital in Denver, and moved back home to Texas not sure of what to do next. A good friend had moved to Australia for a year and suggested I come visit her, so I decided I may as well make the most of it and see some more of the world while I had the opportunity.

I planned out a three month long trip, which took extensive amounts of research and time since I had never been to most of the destinations. My stops included New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand (again), Spain, England, Ireland, France, Italy, and The Netherlands. I had the company of my friend in Australia but was alone for most of the trip, which was stressful at times but gave me a chance to travel the exact way I wanted to, and also made me realize my true passion for traveling.

The first day I arrived in New Zealand, I fell in love. The scenery, the cities, and most of all the people, captured my heart and I was hooked. I passed on my adoration of the country to my friend in Australia, and we decided to both move there for a year with a working holiday visa. During that year I drove all over the country, seeing as much as I could and each adventure was better than the next. To my surprise I had friends and family visit while I was there, and planned trips around the country for each of them. It was at that time I realized I had a skill for planning trips with major attention to detail, and decided to turn my passion into a career. 

With personal experience in eleven countries, and many more to come; I can guarantee an amazing experience planned with exceptional detail and full availability to help you before, during, and after your trip.

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