Travel Advisor Ben Johnstone

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Meet Travel Advisor Ben Johnstone

My Mother is British and my Father is from New Zealand, so from a very young age I was constantly be ferried back and forth across the globe. Travel was a major part of growing up, mostly out of necessity to visit family members and because of my Father’s work obligations.

It wasn’t until I was 18 where I really began to fall in love with traveling after having backpacked around South East Asia. Unlike my parent’s however, I rarely go back to the same place. In my eyes the excitement in going to a new place, and experiencing a new culture cannot be beaten.

My knowledge of the travel came about via an unusual path. I had the desire to travel but not the money! However I saw this as a fun puzzle, endlessly researching various ways of getting somewhere for an affordable price, hustling to get an unbelievable deal on accommodation, and delving deep into the blogosphere to find a hidden destination gem. 

The term ‘travel hacking’ become apart of my every day life, and soon friends starting forwarding their vacation plans to me, not only to see if I could them a better price but also to ask my opinion on their itineraries. 

For me, this is where the real value is with using a travel agent. Most people nowadays don’t want to do the same thing as everyone else. Thanks to Facebook we all see the same articles and receive the same suggestions. Travelers want someone with on the ground knowledge of what will make their trip special. Someone with their finger on the pulse, who knows where the next new ‘it’ place is, what town’s are up and coming and where to go before it becomes to touristy or ‘Insta-famous’.

I didn’t wake up and decide to be a travel agent and start finding people to help, the people were already asking me, it was a no brainer to turn this into a profession. I love researching travel itineraries and destinations, it’s what I do in my spare time. So I get an enormous amount of pleasure from helping clients book their dream vacation, where they will engage in unique authentic experiences that they’ll remember for the rest of their life. It also doesn’t hurt that I’ll get them best deal out there!

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