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Meet Travel Advisor Courtney Hohl

I was born in Florida spending most of my childhood years on the beach. As a teenager I traveled to Europe each summer where my grandmother’s family owns BlumenCenter Frilingen, one of Germany’s largest flower nurseries.

During my summers in Europe I would also take small trips to other countries including Switzerland, Denmark, Poland and Austria. I knew that I was very fortunate to have these experiences as a young adult and that I wanted to provide the same experiences for my children.

My husband and partner at Departure Lounge, Steve Hohl has traveled all over the world. His profession has afforded him very unique opportunities. He’s been to each of the seven continents, yes even including Antarctica and has spent time in over 50 countries. He has helped with wildlife preservation in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa and has provided protection services for high net worth families across Europe, Asia and South America. Traveling and working abroad in such a unique fashion has allowed him to experience the best of what the world has to offer; from Carnival in Brazil, film festivals in the south of France, and East African safaris to sun soaked days on the Amalfi Coast.

When we got married we had a short time of luxury traveling before having our two boys. Some of those memorable experiences include France and Ireland. We make several trips each year stateside typically to NYC and Los Angeles. Most recently we visited the Thousand Islands in up-state New York. Steve’s taste for luxury hotels and service paired with my love of spas, shopping and both of us enjoy fine dining will be an asset in assisting you on your upcoming trip. One of our passions is seeking out Michelin Star restaurants when we travel.

Other unique travel experiences include being aboard a private yacht traveling through the San Juan Islands as the Orcas Whales were migrating. An absolutely amazing experience.

My goal is to help guide you to selecting the location and activities once there that will create memories of a lifetime. Whether it’s something right here in our great country or if you’re wanting to expand your cultural experiences and travel abroad I can help you plan down to the detail exactly what will satisfy your needs and wants. I look forward to hearing from you and planning the perfect vacation!

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